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Something that was being discussed by just a few people ends up being a 6 person conversation. The medium encourages this breakdown since anyone can pop in and Rambling and repetition. I said, do you think everyone need to know that sale happened ?

Conversations that should take a few minutes often go on for 20 when they happen over group chat. Might it be better to summarize sales once a day so you don’t interrupt people by incrementing an unread counter on everyone in the company a dozen times a day?

Imagine being in a meeting where everyone just spoke one line at a time, and people kept interrupting you while you were trying to make your point. That leads people to assume everyone read that discussion and agreed. Decisions get made without people’s consent because they weren’t there at the very moment it was discussed.

This ties back to many of the points above — “right now” is rarely the moment to both have the discussion and come to a conclusion. Discussing something in a chat room is like being on the shot clock. But then another person tosses in a drive-by one-liner comment that takes the conversation in a new direction — and often not a good one.

If you’ve gone chat-first, or you’re considering heading down that path, I encourage you to review and consider these impacts on your own organization. When you need to toss an idea back and forth between a few people, there’s nothing better than chat.

Because chat is presented one line at a time, complete thoughts have to unfold one line-at-a-time.

Manic context-shifting and continuous partial attention. Most teams keep a chat window open all day on the side of their screen or on a second monitor.

This invites you to keep one eye on the chat window, and the other on your work.

You can decide not to pay attention, but that leads to a fear of missing out. That’s why in some select circumstances it really shines.

But chat conditions us to believe everything’s worth discussing quickly right now, except that hardly anything is. Further, ASAP is inflationary — it devalues any request that doesn’t say ASAP.

In addition to hearing from our customers for years, our own daily experiences over ten years of extensive group chatting have taught us a lot about what works and what doesn’t.


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