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The falling action may contain a moment of final suspense, in which the final outcome of the conflict is in doubt.) comprises events from the end of the falling action to the actual ending scene of the drama or narrative.Conflicts are resolved, creating normality for the characters and a sense of catharsis, or release of tension and anxiety, for the reader.


During the falling action, the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist unravels, with the protagonist winning or losing against the antagonist.And what better place than Knysna to have a showroom displaying beautiful vintage, veteran, classic and sports cars!Nestled in the heart of the famous Garden Route, Knysna is 255 kms. It is a highly sought-after tourist and residential destination with ample natural beauty to complement the fine array of vehicles on offer.The comedy ends with a dénouement (a conclusion), in which the protagonist is better off than at the story's outset.

The tragedy ends with a catastrophe, in which the protagonist is worse off than at the beginning of the narrative.Conveniently situated at 70, Main Road – right on the N2 – our brand new magnificent building beckons you to call in, browse, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and meet with our sales or service staff to discuss your requirements.


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