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You know that email account you use just for promotional emails?

Use it to sign up for your competitors’ emails, then look carefully at the subject lines they use.

Take what you learn to get more creative with your subject lines.

Of course, you won’t be privy to their open rates, but your judgment is valuable in assessing whether you’re keeping up with the pack.

“ Tickle your recipients’ curiosity, and they’ll be unable to resist opening.


” that contains formal or corporate content will be completely dissonant with your subject line, and people will feel baited; the converse is also true.

Even emoticons can help your open rate, but they should be used judiciously to avoid looking spammy. ”, probably won’t get your desired outcome because it looks a bit like spam email from an online dating service.

However, “Hey thought you’d like this :)” could be very effective when sent to customers who trust you and with whom you have an existing positive relationship.

Jared recommends completely nixing the dollar sign—and even money amounts—from your subject lines because they also increase your emails risk of being marked as spam. But don’t use those ellipses or emoticons in every email, because just like in any good relationship, you’ve got to keep things fresh.

Overusing your arsenal of effective email subject line tools will inure your recipients to their powers. Make sure that the tone of your email’s content matches the tone in the body of your email.To get the best tips for writing email marketing subject lines that work, I talked with Jared Kimball, a marketing automation strategist and one of our resident email marketing experts. Check out our free e-book, “Email Marketing For The Rest Of Us” As with most aspects of life and business, the best relationships begin with trust.


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