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“We have heard consumer complaints about this card for years,” he says, noting in particular its strict rules that can saddle you with potentially huge amounts of accumulated interest.“Watch the ‘special’ 0% financing offers,” Arnold warns.For that, you’d expect a long period of lower interest, but this intro period only lasts six months before the regular APR of 13.24% kicks in.(MORE: Your Credit Card Rewards Aren’t Worth As Much As You Think) Apple Barclaycard: “I know everyone loves Apple but you shouldn’t love their credit card,” says John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education at Smart Card recently sifted through more than 1,000 credit cards to determine which offer the least appealing trade-off between, on one hand, perks, rewards, and services and, on the other, fees and interest rates.We also contacted some other credit card experts to find out their least-favorites.Depending on your needs and spending habits, some cards are indeed sometimes better than others.

Like the Visa Black card (also issued by Barclays), the penalty rate on this card is a whopping 30.24%.

The interest rate is high, too: Depending on your credit, the APR is either 25.24% or 27.99%, and the default rate is 29.99%.

UBS Preferred Visa Signature Credit Card: Another one in the what-am-I-paying-for-anyway?

The APR for balance transfers is 22.99%, on top of a 4% balance transfer fee.

“If you fell out of a tree you’d hit a half dozen credit card offers with 0% rates on balance transfers on your way down,” Ulzheimer said.Cardholders earn a measly one point per dollar spent, while many other rewards cards offer 2 points per dollar (and don’t charge you nearly 0 a year, either).


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