Dating of elko eared projectile points

Point Styles are based on morphology: side-notched, corner-notched, stemmed, concave-based, leaf-shaped, and so on.Different regions of California can have different names for very similar-looking point types.Most of northern California (type-site on Gunther Island in Humboldt County ) Late Archaic/Terminal Prehistoric (ca.1500 BP to Historic Period) Tell-tale characteristics: long tangs or "barbs" that usually extend past the stem/base; stem very small and usually contracting Most of eastern California and the western Great Basin Terminal Prehistoric (ca.


4500-1500 BP) Tell-tale characteristics: notched; sometimes deep basal notching forming "ears" Note that the "Elko" points shown here could also be interpreted as "Gatecliff" points! The Alkali stemmed point is comparable to the Rose Spring corner-notched type. A type of large points with long, tapering stems, found on California’s central coast and dated between ca.


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