Error updating certifier id

They'll need something to the effect of, "ignore all documents prior to [time of signing]." If you need more technical info, you can also check with the IBM community at the link posted with this reply.

Hi, I had the same problem is an old one created date 1994 and will be valid up to 2019, they thought they do need notes just for 25 years at this time, btu we cannot certify new user. [email protected] can try my free apps for IBM (Lotus) Notes/Domino.

And then the old server ID will expire, requiring ... The trouble is, all the "unprocessed Documents" collections are reset when you sign the agent again.

So you may need to change any scheduled / server-triggered agents.

This occurs because user ID’s expiration dates are mentioned for each account on the domino server and after expiration these messages appear.

Usually the values are mentioned as 10 years period or values accordingly set by domino developer during the deployment.

If you haven't kept a record of development changes then you won't have this.

Should the Domino administrator sign underlying databases with new Server ID? Please help Absolutely, the new server ID must sign the agents.

Unfortunately this can have side effects if the agents aren't expecting it. But it may take some time or dev effort to get you there.

If you use the catalog, you could set up a 'after documents are created or modified' agent to run with a target of 'all new or modified documents' Then you can check for each one if a replica exists, and if not, create it don't forget the loss of functionality as well.

The MS environment simply can do less, and has less safety.

I managed to achieve this when registering a user through Domino Policies but I would like to achieve the same results for all databases created on the server. You'll probably want to exclude say, system databases and such.


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