Who is matt grant dating now dating an aries


Did I disagree with Matt’s choice of Shayne at the end? I could see from the beginning that she was not the brightest bulb around or the sharpest knife in the drawer…i say more…onnnnn…is self-centered and more than likely went on the batchelor to gain her NON-STARDOM fdlmao no doubt…to know you dumped her….

Most definitely; but I told myself that Matt would probably have a promising career in Hollywood after they broke up. I’m looking forward to seeing him again in “Pimp My Bride”. Now he’s inserted himself into the “The Bachelor” is a racist show bs by saying the show is racist and he was only given one black girl (whom he didn’t pick, notice). I liked the guy on the bachelor but my “gaydar” went up when he was talking about his favorite artist and he mentioned George Michael. He’s a good looking and warm guy and I think he’s bi-sexual.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-Bachelor Matt Grant Had His Own Producer Would-Be Scandal Matt says that a lot of people told him after the show that they had “lost interest in you when you picked Shayne”.

That aired in late July so I’m not sure why she waited a month to unleash this, but she just tweeted this with a link to her site: “Here is the real reason Matt Grant is not on The Bachelor Pad * At that link is a blog post titled “Don’t Give Roses To A Scorpio” where she unleashes some anger toward the British Bachelor (section bolded by me): “I am not the one to kiss and tell, I treat everything like a vault.The second time was not the charm, and the couple soon split.



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