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They include 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks and a balloon whisk for making meringues – yum! It comes armed with 5 different speed settings, turbo function and an ejection button for easy release of the accessories. Great value and great reviews from existing owners.

To complete your set of equipment to make cupcakes, the classic choice is a Kenwood hand mixer.

When it comes to equipment to make cupcakes, If the Kenwood is the Volkswagen of the hand mixer world, then the Dualit Chrome 89300 has to be the Bentley.

With a heavy-duty 400W motor, the Dualit is the equipment most chefs aspire to owning and will help rustle up the perfect batch of yummy cupcakes.

The good news is that the spoons are stain resistant and also dishwasher proof.


This electric hand whisk set includes 5 accessories meaning you can bake with ease.

The set includes bowls of 1.6 litre (Purple), 2 litre (Orange), 3 litre (Green), 4 litre (blue) and 5 litre (red). Incredibly durable (don’t think we’ve ever seen a chipped one, let alone a broken one) and they are heat resistant up to a volcanic 300-degrees.



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