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I'm now proud to say my partner and I have exceptional anal chemistry.Outside of the bedroom, if my boyfriend ever called me a "slut," I'd tell him to pack his stuff and get the fuck out.Later, when I got on top and (with his permission) slapped him, he winced.My heart melted like I had just kicked a puppy, so I had to stop.Submission in bed comes naturally for me, but I'm still working on becoming a better dominant. Week Five: Butt Plug I'm an advocate of butt plugs, or perhaps more accurately, proper warm-up before diving into full anal.But think of butt plugs like engagement rings: If you bring one home to your partner and it's the wrong size, it can be a bit of a snafu.


So, in an effort to up our sexual prowess, I declared a mission: We try something new in bed every week for eight weeks to incorporate more kink to our routine. We saw Bernie speak, went out for some of the best ramen in New York City, then we came home to our pre-marital bed and decided to try a whole new way to have sex. ) experienced no issues after consuming spicy miso ramen.Too often men just stick their penises inside women and think that sex begins at penetration and ends at climax.Sure, everyone loves a quickie sometimes, but sex should also include fingers, mouths, toys, and sometimes—gasp—fists!So, before things got heated, I asked my boyfriend to slap me across the face—with very particular specifications.


Without the proper communication (and now can be your time to finally create a safe word) slapping, spanking—really anything under the BDSM umbrella—can be potentially dangerous.But with the right communication, it can be awesome.


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