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If you decided to upgrade to Windows 8.1 after all, please let us know how it went! If you ran into issues, what were they and how did you fix them?

Please share your experience with the rest of us, it’s highly appreciated.

My colleague Chris wrote an article that explains how to upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 Preview Windows 8.1 makes significant changes to Windows 8 and it's a worthy upgrade on any device.

How you'll upgrade depends on which version of Windows you're upgrading from. While you should always maintain backups of your data, before upgrading your operating system, you should also create a system image.

Most compatibility issues, however, have to do with hardware and driver conflicts.

You can even use the installation media on multiple computers.

Windows 8 contains a somewhat hidden way to create a system image; it’s called Windows 7 Backup and Restore and it works like a charm.

The thing is, the system image only works with Windows 8, not with Windows 8.1.

Whether you're using Windows 8.1 on a desktop, tablet, or something in between, these tweaks will come in handy! This article summarizes the lessons we have learned, to help you navigate the potential pitfalls of upgrading to Windows 8.1, including a safety net that — in case things do go wrong — will allow you to return to Windows 8, as if nothing ever happened.


Some people have faced problems with software; for example Steam doesn’t officially support Windows 8, an issue that for most people didn’t surface until they upgraded to Windows 8.1.In my article on how to upgrade to Windows 8.1 & downgrade back to Winodws 8, I have outlined the entire procedure.



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