Iowa sex cam

(Brian Ray/The Gazette-KCRG) University of Iowa going back to work on new residence hall State settles Iowa State dispute over sex discrimination, harassment with former employee University of Iowa names committee to search for new liberal arts dean Bill would curb Iowa regents construction options U. decision to extend Syrian protections relieves one University of Iowa student During a voluntary search of a University of Iowa students dorm room in 2007, UI police officers were abruptly asked to leave.They did, and the student called the UI Public Safety Department a short time later to complain.It took some time to figure out the right system and talk to vendors about our needs, Visin said.Each camera costs 9, and Visin said its been money well spent.Hawkeye football games, basketball games, concerts, orientation events and guest speakers like President Barack Obama who has visited the UI twice this year are among the events where the new camera equipment is valuable.Benefits include providing unbiased courtroom evidence in criminal cases, which saves officers from potentially having to testify at length on the witness stand.We believe they have paid for themselves in reducing court time for officers because of the great evidence they provide as well as greatly reducing administrative investigative time and cost when dealing with officer complaints, Visin said.



The cameras, about the size of a pager, can be clipped to uniform lapels and turned on and off with just a slide of the camera lens cover.

Poole launched an initiative six years ago to get himself and his colleagues in the UI police force equipped with video cameras on their uniforms.


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