Aaron hudon canadian dating


At sixteen, Aaron bought a car and rebuilt it from the ground up.It was then that he realized he wanted to go to school to pursue the trade.His company, Lanark Maple Products, specializes in making hand turned pens and cutting boards.Understanding the benefits of a career as a professional in the skilled trades industry is obviously not new to Adrian.

Key elements in his recipe for success include self-discipline, practice, education and competition with the best.In preparation for World Skills London 2011, Aaron will soon be training even more rigorously.Aaron loves the opportunities that this career path has presented him, and notes that his first trip on an airplane was to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition.While studying car painting, Aaron quickly discovered an outlet for his creativity.

For an imaginative individual like Aaron, the custom work he is able to do makes his career especially stimulating and inspiring.

He loves competition and immerses himself in it to measure the results of all his hard work.



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