Consolidating college credits for a degree

You will not see a difference in the financial aid you receive.You will continue to meet with financial aid representatives at the college you attend and they will be able to assist you as they have in the past.You should always check Web Advisor to view a copy of your award letter or to find out if you are missing any documents.You will also have the option to accept or reject your student loans in Web Advisor.The only change to the transcript this time is the address listed at the top of the transcript, which shows Waco’s campus address.Please remember that you can request your transcript in person, online, or electronically All offices will be operating as a single unit, including the Veterans Services Department, however each campus will continue to serve Veterans in the same capacity.The registration process will not change at this time, so your advisor or department chair can continue to assist you.For Spring 2016 registration we will be launching a new tool for you to utilize so watch your TSTC email for updates! If a program is offered at a location, it is offered in its entirety.


However, if you’d like to change your catalog year to take advantage of curricular changes (such as reduction of credit hours) you may do so.While a significant portion of the consolidation is in effect at this time through implementation of a functional versus geographic organization, reassignment of leadership roles, alignment of curricula in the new TSTC catalog for all locations for fall 2015, and the creation of new processes and procedures documented in new or revised Statewide Operating Standards, much remains to be refined and extended.


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