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There is already a proof of concept for this type of graph visualization on the Crossover Spectrum Site Stats page.While this is a project different from the BSE, there is already existing work to take data and provide different insight.*(The New Year fills you with determination.) New Game Musician: Nitro Fun Step Artist: juckter1 Song Genre: Dance2 Style: Electro Difficulty: 68 Song Length: The Fated Hour Musician: Exias Step Artist: Silvuh Song Genre: Dance2 Style: Instrumental Difficulty: 69 Song Length: Thank you for being with us for a huge milestone – our 15th revolution around the sun. I am happy to announce that the new Batch Search Engine (BSE) Site is now up and running.This new site comes with several benefits over the old one. The biggest difference can be noticed on the Queue’d Songs page.All future R^3 updates will apply to both browser/Flash and desktop/Air editions, and update automatically.


Please leave us your suggestions, for any features you’d like to see on the alt engine leaderboards. When you try out the new engine, be sure to start by indulging in FFR’s favourite pastime – passing Death Piano.FFR has a long history of running poorly on modern operating systems, regardless of hardware, due to the the performance and optimization limitations of Adobe Flash Player.


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