Computer mediated communication dating


As a result, the process of how these reduced nonverbal cues may enhance self-disclosure is not well understood.

The goal of our study is to initially test the processes that underlie self-disclosure in CMC.

Self-disclosure fosters intimacy and creates interdependence between communication partners.

Furthermore, self-disclosure is an important strategy to form initial impressions of each other and these impressions are vital for the development of the relationship (Anderson, 1965; Berger & Calabrese, 1975).

Between the two CMC conditions, no differences in self-disclosure were found.

Of the four possible mediators, only direct questioning mediated the effect of CMC on self-disclosure.

CMC dyads engaged in more direct questioning and therefore displayed higher levels of self-disclosure. adults under 40 have Internet access, and communication is the most important online activity (Fox & Madden, 2006).


These early studies usually investigated task-based interactions between organizational teams and did not specifically investigate interpersonal interaction.

One important outcome of CMC that has received much consideration is its effect on self-disclosure.


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