Katy perry who is she dating


when what would you know, the paparazzi showed up and started taking photos from the bushes.

This time, it wasn't Katy Perry showing off her assets - but Orlando Bloom. More Info Holy shit, Katy Perry's dress almost came off while she was rocking out on stage in one of her latest performances.


“This year, you can look like s--t when you vote,” she says in the video.Men’s Health chose her to be The sexiest woman of 2013 and we are not surprised at all.



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    Aunque el sexo no lo es todo, sí es muy importante en la vida de todo ser humano.

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    25), a WWII-era drama based on the New York Times best-seller by Laura Hillenbrand. So many actors tweet or post on Facebook, but not you. So let's move on to a lighter subject—like how you'd describe your personal style.

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