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However, since many seasoned web developers are accustomed to the stricter validation rules imposed on XHTML documents, it is suggested that you continue to follow many of the XHTML syntax requirements.Your HTML5 code will be well organized, easier to read, and likely to contain less errors.Mobile browsers are relatively consistent in showing the right keyboard depending on the input type selected.There is even more up to date forms guidance on our new Web Fundamentals site.Since long time the validation of a form field is one thing that has been giving a lot of work for developers.Earlier programmers developed many forms of validation in Java Script, then with the rise of j Query validation plugin was used the most.You can use lowercase, uppercase, omit quotes on attribute values, leave HTML elements open, and your page will likely still be valid.HTML5 pages will generally not validate due to the incorrect use of elements, missing required attributes, and incorrect attribute values.


Currently support for the new form and input elements is widespread on modern browsers, though there is often some difference in the way some pickers are displayed on desktop.Did you find something wrong with the information on this page?Please take a moment to report it to us so that we can continue to improve the quality of the information on this site. Figure 2 : Validation Results Thus our form is being validated, so simple and easy, but with a code rather large, as we can see.


With the arrival of the new version of HTML, in addition to many other improvements, we can now validate a field without writing a lot of code, making the work of developers much more convenient and easy.Figure 3 : Results of validation in HTML5 I hope it was clear these two types of form validation, we found that in addition to using the old Java Script, you can use new HTML5 to perform the same function with less code.


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