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The format of the show featured an introduction by the host, then a taped piece on the specific topic of the night; then after a commercial break, there was a live interview related to the topic of the piece.In 1983, ABC attempted to change the program's format to feature multiple topics and expand it to one hour, as opposed to focusing on a single topic in a half-hour.In 1988, Nightline conducted a special report on-location from Jerusalem.During Ted Koppel's tenure as anchor (and on rare occasions since his departure), Nightline devoted each episode to a unique subject.Ted Koppel, then ABC News's State Department Correspondent, took on the hosting duties.


ABC had previously used the title "Night Line" for a short-lived 1 a.m.Seeing that there are a large number of prisons in the United States, it created an ongoing series in 1994 called "Crime and Punishment".



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    Finally he heard her saying that her parents left for Europe and broke into her house on the same evening.

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    From the red carpet, to the bedroom to the playroom, can their love survive? CANON COUPLESIt looks really bad on paper: A young, poor student and not even a single one at that, falling for a much older chef. Mostly ridiculous, angst-free, AH AU, E/B, May-December. Edward is a millionaire with a savior complex who needs to rescue Bella.

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    Al Feldstein joined : all of those pioneering humorists and many others realized that the real world mattered less to people than the sea of sounds and images that the ever more powerful mass media were pumping into American lives.

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