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Everything that I ever learned about online dating is all flooding back to me. You see, I am a pioneer in online dating having started back in the ancient days of 1996. Though I’m happy that it seems OKCupid has evolved to at least hint at polyamory over the years, there is still alot to be desired.

My first (serial monogamous) online relationship lasted four years. I met my husband on in 2003 and met my boyfriend on a dating site as well. Even with the breakup, I don’t believe my first polyamorous relationship was a failure at all – I learned oodles, we created many fond memories together, both of our lives are better for having known each other, and we had a ton of fun together. Many profiles don’t list any relationship status at all let alone “monogamous” or “non-monogamous” (because it’s not required), thus you have no idea if they are open to polyamory or not, or if they are partnered or not.

Online dating site Ok Cupid is launching a new feature aimed at the polyamorous.

Starting today, users who are listed as “seeing someone,” “married,” or “in an open relationship” will be able link their profile to their partner’s and search for others to participate in their relationship, reports notes.

Back then she had explained to me that there was some fancy way that you could say you were “available” even though when you fill out the profile, you could list as being in a relationship or married for example. Came off as a sleezy guy in person, and spoke like a sleezy, unethical guy in person (but was very respectful and classy prior to that in earlier exchanges….

It sounded complicated at the time – like you had to hack the code or something.



In the 2015 poll, “tolerance for ‘polygamy’ is up to 16 percent, which may not seem like much, but it’s more than twice the 7 percent who found it to be morally acceptable in 2001,” he continues.

Getting to know someone through email first can help establish a great friendship, which helped. And the excitement will continue, and I will continue to learn and meet new people.



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