New york dating laws

The community district caps would not affect existing licensees who may continue to renew their licenses.Law Effective Date: January 25, 2018This bill would require a license to sell electronic cigarettes, similar to the license that is currently required to sell cigarettes.


This bill would create additional requirements related to cleanliness and hygiene for industrial laundries and industrial laundry delivery services.Law Effective Date: February 24, 2018This bill expands the current requirement to possess a retail dealer license to sell cigarettes to include all retailers that sell any type of tobacco products.The bill will also restrict the availability of new retail dealer licenses by capping the number of tobacco retailer licenses in each community district at half the current number.Law Effective Date: March 27, 2018This bill repeals the requirement in the Administrative Code for public dance halls, cabarets, and catering establishments to obtain a license, but retains various security measures in the law.

Establishments previously required to obtain a cabaret license must continue to abide by requirements 1) to install and maintain security cameras and, 2) if they employ security guards, to ensure such security guards are licensed pursuant to state law and to maintain a roster of such security guards.

Additionally, this bill would require that the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) provide periodic reports to the Council with information regarding the number, type, source and result of complaints against providers.


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