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New clients may be issued an Oregon Trail card and select a personal identification number (PIN) before their eligibility is determined; generally after the initial screening interview.

This provides better client service by eliminating the need for multiple visits to the branch office.

Issuing benefits is a separate function from eligibility determination.

Consider the security of the benefits and the household's circumstances in determining the appropriate method of issuing benefits.

When benefits are issued, they will be deposited to the EBT account.

The Oregon Trail card and PIN together control access to client accounts.



For the child care account, hours will be placed in the child care account.If a client forgets their PIN, they must come into the local office and select one.The responsibilities of those involved in EBT are as follows: Benefit issuances are sent to the e Funds system.The client will know when their benefits are available.

There are three types of accounts available in the system: a cash account, a SNAP account and a child care account.

The PIN is a four-digit number known only to the client.


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