Henry golding dating

Check out more of their gorgeous wedding photos in the gallery below: 29-year-old Henry Golding and 31-year-old Liv Lo met by fate on New Year’s day in 2011 at a restaurant in Singapore.

Golding is currently a TV host for BBC’s “The Travel Show”, which airs on BBC World News and BBC Two while Lo is a popular yoga instructor and fashion host in Singapore.

Lo, a TV presenter and emcee, is coming into her own as a lifestyle personality to watch and was featured in ELLE’s , which airs on BBC World News and BBC Two.

Naturally, with this many projects on hand, theirs is a relationship that’s largely long-distance.

But it was never an issue despite their contrasting personalities, both say.

Also, Golding, whose mother is from the Iban tribe, was actually born in Sarawak.And bring up children with fantastic moral compasses.



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