Accommodating religion in the workplace dating rituals in mexico


Despite the number of people who engage in spiritual pursuits on a daily basis, there is a surprising lack of research investigating spirituality in the workplace.

As such, this study was conducted to explore the role of spirituality in the workplace by examining relations between spirituality and a number of employee outcomes; additionally, we examine how spirituality might buffer the relations between workplace aggression and those outcomes.

Unfortunately for arts students and soccer players, education and childhood activities are not protected grounds of discrimination in the workplace.

Rather, historical cases of workplace discrimination include gender based differences in wages, passing over opportunities for promotion due to race or dismissing someone due to political affiliations.

There are two main types of pregnancy and maternity discrimination - unfavourable treatment and victimisation.

► Limited by potential inadequacy of GSS measures; future research is encouraged.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination protection mainly applies to a specific period of time known as the protected period.

The law says that after the protected period in pregnancy and maternity has ended, an action after that time might still amount to unfavourable treatment because of pregnancy and maternity if it stemmed from an action or decision within the protected period.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination is broken down into discrimination for unfavourable treatment and victimisation.


This is different to how the other protected characteristics are covered, but in most cases the protections are broadly similar or stronger for pregnancy and maternity.In these types of examples, the differential treatment is clearly based on protected grounds.


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