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Clarence results - singles champion: David Stott (21), runner-up: Harry Sparks (13); first-time singles: Tony Mannion 21, Dick Jackman 20; handicap: Grant Aldridge 21, Martyn Adams (7); two-wood singles: Mick Edlin 16, John Edwards (13); Under-70s singles: Mick Edlin 21, Barry Underwood 8; Over-70s singles: Adrian Gardiner 21, Mike Scoins 4.

Two-wood pairs: David Stott, Richard Crawford 18, Mick Edlin, Gerry Barlow 12; four-wood pairs: Chris Tippett, Grant Aldridge 32, Alan Kermack, Roger Burrough 10; mixed pairs: Trevor & Sari Pritchard 24, Mick & Carol Edlin 15; triples: Harry Sparks, John Atkins, Trevor Ward 16, Brendan Duffy, Gerry Barlow, Doug Grier 14; fours: Brian Ballinger, John Norris, Maurice Phillips, Dick Jackman 17, Grant Aldridge, Brian Difford, Chris Tippett, John Atkins 13.

MEMBERS of the three clubs based at Clarence Park had mixed weather for their finals’ weekend.

Half of Clarence Ladies’ finals were played on Friday due to the club’s commitment in the Fear Plate on the Sunday.

There was some superb bowling and a couple of nail-biting games that went to the wire.

In the ladies’ two-wood between Mavis Main and Joan Mc Inally, it was 14-all on the 21st end and on the extra end Mavis won by one shot.

Wessex Ladies results - singles champion: Dilys Forsyth 21, Maria Williams 9; two-wood singles: Ann Fewings 15, Verlie Edwards 11; first-time singles: Verlie Edwards 16, Mary Hawkins 2; handicap: Pat Taylor 26, Christine Peart 17; two-wood pairs: Barbara Jones, Christine Peart 24, Elaine Stott, Ann Fewings 11; four-wood pairs: Verlie Edwards, Maria Williams 26, Elaine Stott, Elaine Deane 13.

Triples: Pam Turner, Jan Binding, Audrey Powell 22, Claudine Walker, Mary Hawkins, Maria Williams 11; fours: June Allard, Beryl Wallace, Pam Dunn, Audrey Powell 31, Norma Peters, Ann Crawford, Barbara Jones, Pat Taylor 9; Jubilee two-wood pairs: Pam Turner, Rita Hinde 13, Elaine Stott, Mary Hawkins 10; Woodland Triples: Beryl Wallace, Pat Hanson, Mary Davis 11, Claudine Walker, Rita Hinde, Pat Taylor 10.



Good atmosphere: cheerful, and meticulously informal. Our room was comfortable, pleasant and sparkling clean. Clarence 119, West Witney 116: Verlie Edwards, M Peters, M Scoins, D Stott 17-28; Norma Peters, A Taylor, C Tippett, M Phillips 14-24; Elaine Stott, T Comfort, Irene Hicks, D Jackman 21-15; Sue Bishop, R Cornwall, L Lakey, J Edwards 19-18; R Rossiter, Margaret Goodwin, A Mannion, M Edlin 27-15; A Bishop, Marlene Woods, J Atkins, R Burrough 21-16.



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