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While they are crying and screaming, the heavy wooden paddle is falling hard on their poor bottoms the governess isnt lenient at all.

First thrashing is over, first girl has to stand in the corner, second one bends over....

And what else can this handsome, young medic find out then theyre not virgins anymore! After he comes into the petite brunettes mouth, the door flings open again.... This and much more youll see in a new movie called The Great Expectations.

Their begging and crying has no effect, one after another has to bend over the table, so nothing remains unseen and they have to count the strokes as well!Both are told to bend over governesss, stick their bottoms up, roll up their skirts and suddenly the room is full of cries and the sounds of falling strokes.Then after, they have to put off their white panties and the spanking continues on their bare bottom...Then finally, after never-ending waiting, screams and the sounds of swishing cane end, the door goes open and a crying girl leaving the room with her hands on her bottom shows them its their time... The most hated, frightful room which has seen so much suffering and so many canings of young students... They feel very ashamed, when they have to put off their clothes in front of this cruel man, who is observing their bodies hungrily. the unfortunate girl is falling on her knees in front of him and begs him... The janitor likes her and her position is convenient after all. At the end, both girls have to do what he asks for only one last girl is waiting for her punishment outside no reason to hurry.

and as were gonna find out in a while not only this! Cane is forgotten, but when his huge dick is penetrating their tight pussies, they start to think that this is a form of punishment as well...and during the thrashing, while screaming in pain, the poor girl suddenly lets it slip... Oh Goodness, is it the terrible sport where half naked sweaty men are beating each other?! So more strokes will follow and you dont even have to count it.


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    The job of a radiocarbon laboratory is to measure the remaining amounts of radiocarbon in a carbon sample. There are reported cases in which different body parts of the same fossilized animal were carbon-dated, and the resulting estimated ages for each of the body parts differed drastically (in some cases by over tens of thousands of years).

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    So how stupid can you be if all you have to do is show your nakedness and basically rake in the cash? Many people will give up the first two without any motivation, and since we have very little privacy these days, the third isn't a big deal either. The girls on cam prey on lonely desperate, naive guys looking for attention.

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    You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little." Noun.

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