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The leads were all received and archived after Algarve police closed the case in July 2008.

Madeleine was four when she vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007. They now have a copy of the 2,000-page dossier which was published yesterday on the order of a court in Portugal after an application by newspapers including the Daily Mail.

The Mc Canns are incensed that their private investigators were given no access to the sightings at the time.

Mrs Mc Cann said: 'There are instances where information which we think is very credible and worthy of information has not been actioned.

He had not approached the authorities earlier because he was wanted for fraud.

• A girl like Madeleine was seen with an unkempt Spanish-looking man in his 30s at a shop near Murcia.

The woman witness followed the girl but the pair vanished. • Another lookalike wearing only a dirty yellow jumper was seen being held at gunpoint on a French motorway by a half-naked man in August 2008.

French lorry driver Michel Guidard walked toward them only to be threatened with a gun.


• Details of a sighting of a girl on October 9, 2008, with a Portuguese man living in the U. He allegedly ran a child trafficking operation smuggling in children from his homeland, Mexico and Greece.Once the file has been closed, what has actually been done?


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