Sooyoung and siwon are dating

When Reina auditioned in 2001, the officials found out that she was underage so they disqualified her but when she tried again in 2003, she passed along with Eri Kamei and Sayumi Mischishige (whom we’ll get to later in this countdown).In the song, “女子かしまし物語” (or translated as “The Story of Noisy Girls”, according to Project Hello), the girls tease her about having a Yankee fashion (which is a gangster girl who started out the fashion revolution of Gyaru) and saying how she’s a bad kid.

She knows four languages: Korean, Japanese, French, and English. I would imagine that he’s letting CL and the other girls help him out when it comes to his latest designs.

Part of CL’s inspiration for urban style clothes is due to the fact that she does the majority of the rapping in 2NE1’s songs.


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