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The address you use on the application, is where they mail the card.

There are no separate fields for your “mailing address” on a credit card application.

The procedures for every bank is different, and the anti-fraud varies wildly, but the odds are next to nothing someone can obtain a credit card with a stolen identity, on a reliable basis, and certainly not quickly.

Regardless of the odds, this fear has caused many legitimate businesses to carve out a market for a relatively useless product, being credit monitoring.

I have had a personal experience of leaving an account with a negative ,000 balance.

Let’s be clear here though, paypal is not a bank, but if your account (or an account in your name) obtains a negative balance, that debt can be sold to debt collectors, who will attempt to put negative remarks on your credit report, and contact you in a variety of ways.

This is a common theme with any bank that lets you apply for loans online or over the phone.

A criminal wishing to remain anonymous is not going to step inside a bank anytime soon.



I started out like anyone else, having no idea what any of this was and mostly doing petty theft.

My name is penissmith, and I am a new writer for deepdotweb.


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