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Additionally, the company leases two channels on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and has expanded its online presence through the i Heart Radio platform. also specializes in outdoor advertising through subsidiary Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.

The name "Clear Channel" came from AM broadcasting, referring to a channel (frequency) on which only one station transmits. S., clear-channel stations have exclusive rights to their frequencies throughout most of the continent at night, when AM signals travel far due to skywave.

Shortly before midnight on November 17,1958, 13-year-old Jerry Pacek was walking home from his girlfriend’s home late at night when he heard moans coming from a neighbor’s yard in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, a steel mill town about 20 miles from Pittsburgh.

When he went to investigate, he saw a man rise up and flee on foot.

(formerly CC Media Holdings, Inc.) is an American mass media corporation headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

It is the holding company of i Heart Communications, Inc.

When the Telecommunications Act of 1996 became law, the act deregulated media ownership, allowing a company to own more stations than previously allowed.

Clear Channel went on a subsequent buying spree, purchasing more than 70 other media companies and individual stations.

Clear Channel Communications purchased its first FM station in San Antonio in 1972.DNA testing was unsuccessful and no one was ever charged with the murder.


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