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This is a band that makes no freaking sense, and I love them for it.History has done a really strange job of treating the band's legacy, though.ink Floyd is one of the great enigmas in the culture of classic rock.They were one of the best representatives of the underground psychedelic London scene of 1967, yet unlike so many other good bands that originated in that era, they were able to successfully evolve into something better and WAY more popular, even after losing their frontman and main creative force after one album.Your brand sets your company and your product offerings apart, and allows your company to command attention in the marketplace.By not protecting your brand online, you risk irreparable damage to the company's image and great financial loss.We are currently moving new registrations to our own credentials and will also be attempting to move existing domains over as they come close to their renewal date.The registrar info on a domain can be determined from the domain's WHOIS information after registration of the domain has been completed.

They were a band that regularly engaged in lengthy, "self-indulgent" instrumental noodling, while almost never displaying raw chops on the level of the instrumentalists of the more popular prog rock bands of the day.

g TLD deletion policy: In the event that a g TLD domain is not renewed by its expiration date, a grace period of forty-three (43) days begins.

If the domain is not renewed within this grace period, the domain is deleted at the end of the grace period.

Blacknight offer a comprehensive domain name registration and management service which covers the majority of international domains.


Blacknight is directly accredited with a growing number of domain registries including Nominet, Centralnic, AFNIC, Eurid, and several more.

Once the domain has been deleted, a further redemption period of thirty (30) days begins.



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