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Spokesman Andrew Ball says that developers were sent details of the firm's plans more than a year ago and have had sufficient time to write software to guidelines.

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Keep the Nintendo Switch charged while at home or on the go with Nyko's Power Kit for Nintendo Switch.



Serious applications are less troublesome but it is too early to list which packages will not load.

There's also a chance to win one of over thirty top games from Ocean, Soft Stuff edu- ^ cation software, or even a superb Philips monitor courtesy of I Cordon Harwood. AMOS guru helps you write thai smash hit Slue* with C? Tel: 04024 38438, Fax: 04024 44399 Showroom 1 74 High Street,, Hornthurch, Essex. high performance, low cost hard drive lor Amiga 500 computers Prima blends a large capacity, low power Quantum hard drive with the Ad IDE host adapter fo an unbeatable combination.


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