Pages not updating mavericks


Choosing to hide the Yosemite update also makes the rather large OS X Yosemite banner disappear from the App Store on your Mac, which makes it easier to see your other app updates again, and it also makes it so the large banner is no longer taking up most of the “Updates” screen in the Mac App Store.

This is not permanent, and it can be reversed at any time if you change your mind.

In fact, all the Office 2008 applications open with a new window.

I don’t consider this a show stopper but a minor inconvenience.

This should also stop the nagging software update notifications from popping up to advertise the OS X Yosemite update as being available, though you may want to take that a step further and either disable the App Store notifications, or at least turn them off temporarily if it does pop up again.

And yes, as previously mentioned, this can be reversed.

They are responsible for making changes at a system level.


Once the update has been hidden, the large blue OS X Yosemite banner disappears and you’ll get a normal view of the App Store again from the Updates tab: This will not impact future updates that become available to the currently installed and running version of OS X (unless you specifically hid those as well).

Look for items marked in red when reading your report.

Read this page for info on what the report sections means.

[Added Nov 20, 2013 – Update 14.3.9 issued a fix for Polish Word] The Microsoft Error Reporting Tool (MERP) and Mavericks is not playing nice. Open MERP then select to deactivate in Preferences.


Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MERP2.0 Office 2008 has some minor quirks like opening a new compose window when you launch Entourage.

Be sure to backup first and read Apple Discussions for all the latest news.


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