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‘Why don’t you leave this lifestyle and return to the church? But I felt a duty to all the other women out there who had experienced rape, too.I knew that those who rape lesbians, beat up gay men and transgenders, throw acid on them and kill them were the real sinners, not me.

I was torn between being the Jamaican Christian daughter who loves God and her family, and the lesbian girl I was inside.

I had to speak up, but I also knew I risked becoming a target forever.

The ID room was dark, and I could smell disinfectant and body odour as I walked in front of the men, willing my legs to stay strong. But I knew as soon as I saw them, they were the right men. I asked the policeman in the room to tell each man to say, ‘Pussyhole, go over there’.

I wish I’d known that day how much danger I was actually in.


When I arrived at the agreed meeting place near her home, the woman didn’t show.

I had been chatting to a woman on social media for a few months when she finally suggested we meet.



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    This will be something that requires constant attention. Even if you are one of the rare ones who does get that “fairy tale” ending, it’s never a bad idea to have your own bank account.

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