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Tom Engelhardt said it wisely when he said, "Words denied mean analyses not offered, things not grasped, surprise not registered, strangeness not taken in, all of which means that terrible mistakes are repeated, wounding ways of acting in the world never seriously reconsidered.

The words' absence chains you to the present, to what's accepted and acceptable." Being bullied at work most closely resembles the experience of being a battered spouse.

"Pooh, man, you're frightening yourself," the Colonel answered.

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Synonyms that reflect the seriousness of bullying: Psychological Violence, Psychological Harassment, Personal Harassment, 'Status-Blind' Harassment, Mobbing, Emotional Abuse at Work Euphemisms intended to trivialize bullying and its impact on bullied people: Incivility, Disrespect, Difficult People, Personality Conflict, Negative Conduct, Ill Treatment Not calling bullying "bullying," in order to avoid offending the sensibilities of those who made the bullying possible, is a disservice to bullied individuals whose jobs, careers, and health have been threatened as the result.

But Turkey's suggestion about frightening her away kept working in my brain.

You'll forgive me for frightening you, but it is best you should be forewarned.

The bewilderment on the poor little face was frightening me.

And though she was frightening him, she did not inspire him with reverence.

If I had been guilty of anything that I could think of, it would have been frightening.


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