Otzi the iceman radiocarbon dating country western dating sites

We are a species with amnesia, not knowing where we came from, without the memory of past and glorious epoch of mankind which we are only know rediscovering.

We know from today’s statistics, those of white European descent comprise only 8% of the world’s population.

For a 2nd sample complex, we studied logs from the beginning of salt mining in the world's oldest salt mines at Hallstatt in Upper Austria.

(super 14) C AMS measurements were performed in Vienna on spruce samples found in the prehistoric mines and from a log-house on the surface.

This paper summarizes radiocarbon measurements of mainly botanical samples from the Iceman ("Otzi") and from his discovery site, an Alpine glacier at the Austrian-Italian border.


We can still see the monuments this lost civilization has left behind to us, and hear the stories of the great white gods who built them and the great Atlantean heroes who came to the world in its greatest hour of need.It’s always fascinating when archaeology and other forms of science can be applied to the historical record.



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